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When it comes to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, NH State Fire Marshal, J. William Degnan, has these important reminders: 

*  Residents are urged to have working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on each level of their homes immediately outside of their      sleeping areas.
*  Smoke alarms should also be placed inside bedrooms and interconnected so that if one alarm sounds then all will sound.
*  Smoke alarms that are 10 years or older should be replaced because they lose their effectiveness and may not alert you to a fire.
*  Every residence should have at least two exit routes cleared of storage and snow to assure that you can escape a fire.
Fire Marshal Degnan reports that the State of NH alone has had 12 lives lost so far this year due to fires and carbon monoxide. All of these tragedies are preventable.

The State of New Hampshire's Fire Marshall's Safety Newsletter

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